Fuel Surcharge

The increased price of fuel has forced us to implement a fuel surcharge  

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DeCamp Waste Services is committed to providing the absolute best service at a reasonable price.  We must also ensure we are always here to provide this service.  One of the key elements to any well run establishment is ensuring your costs are covered and you manage them as accurately as possible.  While we have thought long and hard regarding the decision to implement a fuel surcharge, the current market has forced our hand and we must be fluid given the prices we are seeing at the fuel pump.  With that said, we want this to be a temporary solution and are only looking to cover our additional costs.   

How does it work? 

We found the most reasonable and fair way to establish the fuel surcharge is by charging a percentage to each customer based on what your normal monthly rate is.  We will average the weekly East Coast PADD 1A price of diesel as reported by the US Department of Energy from the Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices index.  This number will be an average of the prior 4 weeks.  This system is a national standard and widely accepted as a fair and easy way to calculate the fuel surcharge.  

Is this surcharge always going to be on my bill?

No.  Should the price of fuel drop below $3.50 per gallon based on the information obtained from the EIA/DOE Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Price PADD 1A Index, we will eliminate this surcharge.

I'm still not sure what this means. 

No problem, we are more than happy to assist you in explaining any portion of this surcharge.  Feel free to email or call us and one of our friendly customer service representatives can assist you. 

Is DeCamp Waste profiting from higher fuel prices? 

No.  Our intention is to only cover the higher cost of fuels that we have recently been seeing.  We are looking at modest 4%-6% while many corporations are charging 10%, 20% and even as much as 30% fuel surcharges on top of environmental, administrative and other fees.  

Is this fee government mandated?

No.  This fee is not a tax or fee mandated by any local, state or federal government or regulatory agency. 

DOE Average

Surcharge %

$3.50 - $3.99


$4.00 - $4.49


$4.50 - $4.99


$5.00 - $5.49


$5.50 - $5.99


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